Roka Photography featured at Dog Lovers Show this weekend

If you are heading to the Dog Lovers Show this weekend, be sure to keep an eye out for Roubaix (Pronounced “Roo-bay”) the Border Collie who will be featured in the Show area up on the wall (see below). Our good friends from Air-rated were commissioned to create several airbrushed art works for the show and chose our photograph of Roubaix to feature.

We met Julie and her two Border Collies Roubaix and Paris (sisters) at the Kintala dog obedience dog club a few years ago. Roka Pet Photography visited the Dog Club for the second time and set up the portable studio on the Club grounds. We had a great day and took lots of portraits of the Club members and their dogs.


Julie and Scott were very excited to hear that their now 11 year old Roubaix has been made into a larger than life art piece! I asked Julie a to tell me a little bit about Roubaix and here are a few things that make her special:

  • She has learned to run/“heel” next to our bikes.
  • Roubaix is an awesome swimmer, and loves body surfing in with the waves when we get to the beach.
  • She is a member of Kintala Dog Club and has done obedience competitions, tracking and sheep herding classes.
  • Roubaix is the sweetest girl and when she looks at you, she looks in to the depths of your soul. Everyone who meets her falls under her spell.
  • She looks after the family. She’s happiest when everyone is at home where she thinks they should be.
  • When her sister barks at the door to come in, Roubaix will go and push the door open to let Paris in.
  • She loves playing soccer – goalie is her preferred position, and Paris is the striker.
  • Both she and Paris have taught me so much since meeting them as pups. They are our fur family.

Come see Kate and Barney in the Flyball Demo!

Kate and our LabradorX  Barney will be in a Flyball demonstration on the Main Stage at 1pm on Saturday and Sunday. Kate and Barney have been playing Flyball for about 12 months now and had great success at the Flyball Nationals last year. Flyball is described as drag racing for dogs. Its a rely race between 2 teams of 4 dogs. Each dog must jump over four hurdles, retrieve a ball by triggering a flyball box pedal and then return over the hurdles to the start/finish line. Its soo much fun to watch so if you are thinking of going to the Show, be sure to check it out!


Mother’s Day Gift Vouchers the Perfect Gift

Mothers Day is just around the corner and if she has a very special pooch in her life, a Roka Pet Photography gift voucher may just be the perfect gift!!! All inclusive vouchers can be made up at any value so contact us to discuss!




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