“Photos are basically the way we have to freeze the present so we can remember it later as our memories fade away” – Rodrigo Alvarado.

Our clients consider their pet as part of their family and want more than a hard drive full of happy snap shots. A professional photographer that specializes in Pet photography can capture your moments in a high quality artistic image that will take your breath away.

  • First, the technique: Pet photographers adapt their knowledge of photography to get your pet looking the best. They know pet photography tips that you could use too.
  • Second, you can also jump in the photo: How are you going to appear in the photo with your beloved mate if you are always the photographer?
  • Third, the equipment: Although the newest point and shoot cameras offer you every day better features to achieve fantastic look and colors, professional photographers have lenses and cameras better than the average amateur, as well as specific softwares that help enhancing those great portraits. And even so, to get the pro-look, you have to know how to use that technology.

In other words:

  • If you are new at this, and you just got yourself a little puppy remember they will only be puppies for just a couple of months, then they grow and they look completely different, so?… Capture those cute pudgy faces while they last!
  • If your pet is a already a teenager and not so tiny, well then, they will just keep getting older. So there is no time like the present to book a session.
  • If your pet is an adult and really maybe “too old” for a photo shoot, well think it twice. These gentle souls live a lot less than humans and they won’t be there with you forever, the memories will, so?…get it done.

Roka’s founder is an internationally awarded photographer with 16 years of experience in all sorts of photography styles. You can see some of his work on his personal website at rodrigo.com.au.
While most of photographers will set their cameras on “automatic” and shoot hundreds of images in one session so they can get a decent selection of images to choose from, at Roka we like to create that perfect shot with a wow factor and we put our focus right there, so “automatic is out of the picture”.
And, although we give you a nice selection to choose from, our scenarios are carefully chosen and shots planned in such way you won’t only like your images but you will love them and treasure them forever.

At Roka, we are able to photograph any type of animal but our lazy photographers try to avoid sessions with venomous snakes, lions and underwater photography sessions with crocodiles.

There are two things you pay for:

1. The “creation fee” that includes the photographers time, the equipment, the enhancement of images in post production and a second session for you to view and choose your best images and the product you would like.

2. The products (prints, canvases, books, movie, etc.) that can be purchased as a package or “a la carte”

You can see our packages and what they include here.

This is how to goes:

Consultation (optional): You can call us or email to us at [email protected] to ask us anything you are still unsure about.

Booking: You call us to schedule the best day and time for us to meet for some great fun. Here you will have to pay  the creation fee or package.

Processing: This step actually requires you to do nothing. Here we will take your images, manually enhance them one by one to have them ready for you to review. (Usually 2 weeks)

Choosing Photos: We will meet again to review the selection of your best images (minimum of 30+)

Placing you order: Here you choose the product that you would like to have printed based on those great images you have already picked. We have a wide variety of products to choose from.

Printing and posting: Once you have placed your order, once again we process every chosen image to have them looking perfect. We color correct it, retouch it and send it to the lab. Then we package it safely and we post it to you.

Admiring: From here onward all you will do is smiling every time you see those gorgeous printed memories you will never regret to have got

Every day is a good day. Although there are better times than others as you can see in the pet photography tips article.
It is important to mention that it will be cheaper to have a session during the week when the demand is not as high as weekends.
Whether you live in Melbourne or in Toronto! We can come to you! (Although it will be a bit cheaper if you live in Australia of course)

Unless your pet is a grasshopper with ADD, we will be ok.

Don’t panic if your pet is no well trained to “sit” and “stay”. Besides, action shots are the best!
We recommend you to give your dog a good 1 hour run before the session to help settle them and capture them more relaxed.
Of course….not! Lots of customers have their pets photographed on leash. If you decide to have a studio session you pets can run freely and safely around the studio.
Besides a leash can be removed from the photograph in the editing process, after you have chosen you images.
Unless you run a zoo, we can take care of it! More than 3 pets, we charge you an extra $20 per pet.
Yes! This is your chance to jump in and not be the one taking the photos. We love family portraits!
We will give you a full refund of your deposit if you cancel or re-schedule 7 days before your session’s appointment.  We cannot refund you if you cancel with less than a 7 days’ notice.
If you have a studio session booked it won’t affect your session. If you have a park/outdoor session booked- Easy: If it rains, we reschedule. If not, we go ahead… cloudy days are also perfect for a photo shoot.
We guarantee you like our work. If you are not happy with your photos, we will do it one more time all over again to ensure you are fully satisfied with the results. Please be clear in the consultation if you want a specific type of shot so we can plan to incorporate that into your session.
We are always happy to partner with other pet related businesses. Please contact us.
We are more than happy to have chat and answer any questions about how you can get the best out of this unforgettable experience. You can find our contact information here