Tips to avoid your pet suffering this end of year

While most of us look forward to watching fireworks when celebrating the New Year, pets can suffer greatly. According to animal shelters, the amount of dogs at large during this period increases about 4 times. This also means an increase in dogs getting hit by cars. Dogs hearing is 4 or 5 times the capacity that of a human and they can become disoriented with all that low frequency loud noise.

Many of you already know if your pets are affected by fireworks and have plans already in place. Unfortunately the main problem on New Years is the illegal fireworks that are used throughout the suburbs that startle and scare pets in neighbouring properties. Below are a few tips to help your beloved pets get through New Year without a glitch.




1. The first thing to avoid at all costs is to bring your dog to anywhere where fireworks are displayed, as the noise and stress is greater.

2. Ideally keep dogs and cats inside the home in a room that pleases them. They prefer smaller enclosed places.

3. Never tie or chain your dog as this may cause more stress which runs the risk of self inflicted damage .

4. Play sound recorded fireworks days before in low volume whilst playing with the pet to see how they will behave. This is good for new pets that you are not sure how they will react. You could play pleasant music on New Years Eve to help block out the fireworks to help prevent stress. (You can use the one provided by Roka Pet Photography below)


5. Give your dog at least 2 hours of exercise, give them plenty of fresh water and feed them before hand. An exhausted, hydrated, well-fed dog cares much less about the environment.

6. Keep an eye on the level of stress. The main symptoms of stress in pets are racing heart rate and wheezing (especially in cats ) , excessive salivation , nausea ,uncontrolled howls and meows, destroying nearby doors or furniture, need to escape and fear or aggression.

7. Finally, Make sure you call and update your pets microchip details if you have changed houses or phone numbers. You should also have an engraved name tag with mobile number. Dogs are expert escapist. (watch Roka Pet Photography Video Compilation)


At Roka Pet Photography we hope you have a fantastic end of 2014 and that this new 2015 year brings happiness to you and your loved ones.

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