Top 12 Tips for DIY pet photography!

Everyone loves taking photos of their pets doing super cute things and capturing each phase in their lives. Recently we have had a lot of customers asking us what they can do differently to help them take better photos of their furry friends. The most important tips not only apply to dogs but any other pet you may have!

1. Bath time!

If you are planning ahead to take photos, I recommend you give your dog a bath and a good brush to ensure they are looking clean their best! There is nothing more disappointing then having a great shot but having a dog with mud all over his coat.

2. Let’s go!
Capture your best friend at the beach, on a road trip, at the dog park or taking them to your favourite cafe. This adds variety and creates more interesting photos.

3. Fetch!
Once you dog have had a good run he/she will feel calm and relaxed and will be easier to take photos of instead of them bouncing off the walls. Wait until they have cooled down and their tongue isn’t hanging out and you will be surprised how less stressful it is!

4. Staaaaaay….not!
Rather than taking the simple standing shot or sitting shot, try capturing your pet in action! Playing fetch, running on the beach or even bath time! This will ensure your pet is relaxed, happy and it will make the whole experience a game for them.

5. Glorious Food!
If your dog loves treats then use his favourite scooby snacks while you are taking their photo to bribe them to stay still or do a certain trick! If you pet isn’t too fussed on treats then try their favourite toy.

6. What lays behind matters!
Especially when taking photos in the house, choose a spot with a tidy background, something that won’t draw the attention from the main subject, if you don’t have one, you can grab a towel or blanket in a bright colour to bring all the focus to your little buddy. Try always to focus your lens on the subject to avoid blurry photos.

7. Incognito
Some of the best photos are when your dog is completely unaware of your presence. Whether it is them having a snooze on the couch or chewing on their favourite toy. Have a camera lying around the house to capture these priceless moments.

8. Gimme a break!
A common mistake that owners make is that they  try again and again to get a certain shot. If you are taking longer than 10minutes trying to get one specific shot, your dog will get frustrated and so will you. It’s meant to be fun, so if you find yourself getting stressed or frustrated, stop and try again another time.

9. Less flashy
Unless you are in a studio environment, natural light is the best. Most of cameras nowadays let you turn the flash off.  If you are inside the house, position your pet near the window.
Remember that if light is too low, you will have to either hold your camera very still or use a tripod to avoid blurry photos.

10. Detail, people….. detail!
Try taking close-up’s of you pouches nose, paws and tail. These can be really cute and look quite arty. Again, make sure your photos are in focus to capture all the small details.

11. Get it up!
Another sneaky tip to guarantee your pouch is looking their best is to make a high pitched or strange noise the second before you are ready to go. This will ensure your little friends ears are nicely up and also they are looking at you in a interesting expression!

12. How low can you go?
And this is the holy grail of the tips.
The world from the little guy’s point of view is completely different than yours. Try to take photos at the same eye level as you four legged friend! This one tip will take your photos to a whole new level! Most people make the mistake of taking the photos always standing above the dog where as if you get low you will notice how much nicer your photos will be.


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